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Graphic Illustrator

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

Hi, I'm Dan Johnson and I have been working as a Graphic Designer for

several years. I originally went to Parsons School of Design and was an

Illustration major and graduated years ago. I did Illustration work back in the 1980's, then in the mid to late 1980's went into teaching Art which I enjoyed very much.

I'm currently looking for a Full Time Graphic Design / Retouching position where I can combine my skills into many areas adding value to any employer. I am well versed in both Product and Portrait Photography as well as Digital Retouching as well as airbrush retouching.

I have many diverse interests that I'd like to combine into a satisfying career. Some of these interests are in creating Stop Motion Animation Puppets. I have been experimenting with sculpting, molding and trying to cast these figures and have been starting to machine armatures ( the skeleton ) holding together the characters. At some time I'd like to create a full length Stop Motion animation movie production such as Laika Animation Studios and Aardman Animations do!

#Dog puttet heads
Dog Puppet heads for Stop Motion

#Stop Motion  #Dog Puppet Character # Sculpture Dog puppet character
Stop Motion Dog Puppet character that I am sculpting

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